Review - City of Wishes by Rachel Morgan | Spoilers!

    So I audiobooked this one, listening to it as a 6 part story. 

    Where do I begin...


    Alright, now we've gone past the spoiler warning, here are the good points:

    • I liked the magic system. I liked the idea that the fae all had a certain level of power and that wishes were physical things that could be traded/bought/etc. The whole fairy godmother being a wish granter like she's some magical drug dealer with the power and fear-inducing reputation of a mafia boss was great (despite that ending). 
    • the world being a mix between the modern with its phones and clubs and the fairytale with its castles and fae was fun and I think that could've been more fleshed out and played with.
    • the first part of the book was great - typical Cinderella retelling, almost 'Ever After' in that the main girl Elle meets the prince without actually realising it's him.
    • I liked the prince, Dex - he was a nice dude, no ridiculous bad-boy arrogant prince business I keep reading, so that was refreshing.

    The bad points:

    • the second half with the whole quest plot-line and Elle becoming almost like a chosen one didn't need to be done. If the author had just stuck to the Cinderella plot of girl meets boy, girl finds out boy is prince, boy helps girl escape her hideous family, hideous family gets their comeuppance, I'd have been completely fine with it. I like those kinds of stories. If she'd been angling for the whole chosen one trope then it should've started out going down that path. It really just made it more confusing than was needed.
    • the ending annoyed me so much. The godmother was actually being nice the whole time? She wasn't actually the bad guy? I was waiting on some huge action scene where Elle finds a way to kick the fairy godmother's a** with the power she has but no - totally gypped. After the whole chosen one plot got chucked in, this was just... nope. Total cop out.

    The rest of the characters were neither here nor there really - Elle was a bit annoying at times, and all their side-kicks were helpful but none really stood out to me. 

    Overall, there were parts that I really enjoyed and parts that had me scratching my head, so this gets a midway rating from me. 


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