Review - A Curse So Dark and Lonely by Brigid Kemmerer | Possible Spoilers!

    Well, I was pleasantly surprised by this book. Lately I've suffered from hype burn - too much hype, so much suck - but I found ACSDAL to be right up my alley. Now usually I just read a book, and unless it has some glaringly horrible issues that smack me right in the face, I don't tend to dwell too much on possible plot problems etc. That said, this time, I took notes. 

    That's right, notes. 

    So here goes nothing.

    *Riffles through pages to first sticky note*

    Kemmerer really plays with the readers for a good part of the book. You're left trying really hard to figure what the actual heck is going on for a good 3rd or so of the book, which for me was a little off-putting to start with, especially with bloody Lilith and her just showing up and being a piece of work. There are times where I found conversations confusing given that I had no context for them - the author clearly had no issue forming them, but a little something to to make it all a little less 'wtf' might have been helpful. That said, it does keep you reading so goal achieved, I suppose.

    I have a note here that says 'stop being so bloody obtuse, Rhen' which speaks volumes to how annoyingly vague his character was for so much of the book. At first I couldn't figure out if he actually wanted to do something for his people or not - it's like he wants to help them but is then hesitant to do so. Also, with Harper being the final chance for him to get it right, I feel like if he hadn't told her about having to fall in love, it would've been so much easier given that Harper wouldn't have been so guarded against the idea. For so much of the book, she's actively fighting it, constantly wondering if it's real or not. It creates tension, yes, and I guess you gotta get your word count up some how!

    Rhen does slowly start to open up over the course of the book, though, and his past and present trauma affects how he interacts with Harper. I found this rather well done. By the end of the book, you see Rhen being more open about his feelings and intentions and Harper becoming more closed off, effectively reversing their initial roles. I kind of wanted to yell at Harper being a bit of a dumbass. 

    I loved Grey, however. He's such a softy with a sword, which I'm always up for, and can't wait to see where that ending takes him. 

    Oh, and Lilith was a right beyotch and totally got what was coming to her. I enjoyed her villainy and was so glad she got her ass kicked in the end. 

    Overall, I really enjoyed this book and it was a fast read for me, which is always a good sign. Can't wait to read the next one now.


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