Review - Heartstopper (Volumes 1 - 3) by Alice Oseman | Possible Spoilers!


    What can I say about this series (so far) but oh, my heart. I've not managed to read many graphic novels before but these ones seemed to have all the hype so I decided to give them a chance and boy, was I glad I did.

    Text wise, there is very little of it, which goes to show that if you can pull emotions from your readers with just your illustrations, then you're bloody good at what you do. 

    Heartstopper follows Charlie and Nick, two highschool boys, Nick in 11th grade, Charlie in 10th. Charlie is openly gay and has had a fairly rough year with being bullied and essentially outed to his school. Nick is one of the guys, a rugby player who takes a shine to Charlie after they're seated together in a class. Charlie starts to develop a crush on Nick, even though he appears straight, and Nick reciprocates, though he's no entirely sure what the deal is with what he's feeling. Story goes on and Nick realises he's in fact bi and has, indeed, got feelings for Charlie too.

    Honestly, these books are so wonderful and heartfelt it's hard to do them justice. You feel each boy's struggles with their own issues and lives, finding an anchor in eachother as the story goes on. There are important issues brought to light and you can tell the author really genuinely cares about them all. That said, even though they're important, they're dealt with in a way that makes you feel light and hopefull rather than doom and gloom.

    I cannot wait for the next instalment in this series. They were super quick reads and absolutely gorgeous to boot.


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