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    Review - Loki: Where Mischief Lies by Mackenzi Lee | No Spoilers

    This was a fun read. I picked this one up as a light book to break up the heavy and it was just that. 

    It follows Loki through a series of mishaps when he's younger that leads to his eventual set-up as the villain in the current MCU. It brings to light the question of are villains made or born, and for the most part, Loki is most certainly a made villain. After all, if you continually tell someone they're bad, eventually they're going to believe it, which is what happens here. Despite the unfolding a Loki that is kind and caring, he can't break away from the years of being told he's the bad guy, and in the end leans into this preconception rather than fighting it. I found myself hoping there for a second that he would choose a different path, but then he wouldn't become the Loki we know so of course it never happens. 

    I enjoyed Lee's descriptions of Victorian London and the familial relationships that Loki experienced. You feel Loki's anger and almost find yourself agreeing with the God of Mischief for a second. Well, at least for me it was only a second... Also, Loki's clear indifference to anything gendered was great - give me a heel-loving, nail painting Loki any day. 

    Again, it was a quick fun read. Thor is so rightly portrayed as the big dumb jock, which was great, and I wouldn't mind reading what Loki gets up to in between this story and where it picks up on-screen. 


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