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    Review - The Gravity of Us by Phil Stamper | Spoilers!

    Thank you to Bloomsbury YA for sending me an ARC of this book!
    This was such a cute read - I loved the LGBTQ representation, the writing style was easy and quick to read, and the subject matter of the story wasn't too heavy (which, if you know me, is not my thing. Give me light and fluffy escapism any day). 

    The main character, Cal, was relatable, even if he was a bit of a hipster influencer from New York. It was interesting to see the effect his social media presence had on him, and how that in turn effected his choices. His relationship with Leon is sweet and there is none of the ridiculousness that plagues YA contemporary (the usual miscommunication etc). My only issue with their relationship would be that it felt a little quick - not quite insta-love, but not a general progression either. That said, they were in an unusual situation so I could forgive it. One other thing was Cal's realisation that he didn't have to always be the one to fix everything - it was a very sudden kind of revelation for him via Leon, and it felt a little jarring. Again, though, it wasn't something that put me out or anything.

    The death of the main astronaut felt a little random to me - we didn't really get to know him well enough to really feel anything with regards to his parting. If they'd perhaps built him up a bit more, then I might have felt a little more than "oh. That's a bugger".

    I enjoyed the deviations into the interviews - it gave me Red White and Royal Blue vibes - and the Shooting Stars production team were enjoyable 'bad guys' though I would've liked a little more of them to really murky the waters.

    Overall, this was a fun read and I definitely recommend it. It's nice and quick, and Cal and Leon are super cute together.



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