Review - The Simple Wild by K.A.Tucker | Spoilers!

    I'm going to put this one at 3 stars. It was enjoyable enough but I felt like there was something missing. So before I get into it, here's your warning:


    Right, so let's get into it...

    First of all, you meet Calla - a 25year-old living at home who gets pretty much everything paid for her (house, bills, etc). In other words, a teenager with a salary. She comes across as a bit self-absorbed and has some serious daddy issues given that apparently her dad didn't care enough to ever come visit once her mum left him when Calla was very young. When she finds out her dad has cancer, she begrudgingly sets off to Alaska to see him for essentially the first time ever. 

    There she meets Jonah who, upon meeting her, has pretty much the same reaction I probably would have if I'd been in his shoes. She goes on about wearing 3-inch wedges and a big floppy hat on her flights there which, to tell you the truth, sounds like the most ridiculous outfit to wear on a plane to start off with. Jonah acts the ass and again, I don't blame him. He's like this for the first part of the book and considering Calla is just straight up ridiculous in her expectations and being donwright demanding and self-centred, I'm all in his corner.

    If you haven't already noticed, Calla annoyed me.

    She comes across as self-centred and self-absorbed, not for an instance trying to understand her dad's situation or considering for a moment that perhaps she needs to tone it down a bit with her city-slickers reanactment. When her dad straight up tells her he's decided not to go ahead with treatement, instead of being supportive and reeling in her emotions for his sake, she storms out but not before telling him that his decision is ridiculous.

    Up side - she does experience character growth and that's a bloody relief because I was this close to stopping with this book. When she ends up going back in the end, I wonder if she's as 'self-aware' as her step-dad considers her to be because really, when she does go back, she suddenly realises its not for her anymore. I could've told her that before she'd left Jonah and Alaska and all the other lovely characters back in Alaska.

    I liked Jonah for his no-BS attitude towards everyone and everything. He's got a heart of gold and loves riling Calla up, which I was completely down for. That said, while they're whole relationship wasn't problematic and served as a good way for Calla to finally face up to some of her rubbish, I felt like there wasn't tons of chemistry right there. Not enough for him to suddenly be driven to leave Alaska, and certainly not enough since Calla jumped on that plane and went back home without a thought as to whether she could make it work. I like my romances to include grand gestures or deep longing that's expressed in some way that I can literally feel it pulsating off the page. This wasn't the case.

    Now don't get me wrong - it was an enjoyable read/listen and who doesn't love a good hunky dude with a big heart, but there was just something missing here for me which, in the end, left me feeling a bit meh. 

    Or maybe I just love the steamy romance romps a little too much... 


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