Review - Stalking Jack the Ripper by Kerri Maniscalco | Slight Spoilers!

    *4.5 stars*

    I FINALLY got around to reading this puppy after having it sit on my TBR for ages and I was happily not disappointed!


    I love a good historical fiction, and with the mix in of the Ripper mystery, it was right up my alley. Audrey Rose was a great strong character but not the whole 'modern feminist stuck in the 1800s' that you so often read in YA historical fiction. Thomas was a cheeky bugger and definitely the Sherlock character of the duo, though I did like that Audrey Rose threw herself in as the lead more-so than the regular Watson side-kick. 

    The plot twist was decently done, though I never truly believed Audrey Rose's suspicions to be true and already believed it was someone else when it finally came down to it. I'll be interested to see how any of it affects Audrey Rose into the next book, since it was a fairly horrendous situation all round. 

    The author did a fab job of bringing the atmosphere of the late 1800s London and, considering I myself have a rather morbid fascination with the Ripper cases, it was interesting to see how she wove fact with fiction and ended it with the Ripper silly 'disappearing' just as he did in real life. 

    All in all, this was a great read, and I'm super keen to keep going with this series.


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