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  • Review - A Prince of Song and Shade (A Tale of Stars and Shadow, #2) by Lisa Cassidy | Spoilers!

    My god, I finally finished this book (totally not the book's fault) and let me say that the story is really starting to amp up now. Now before I get into it, let me just say: SPOILERS AHEAD!! because this will contain spoilers and I will not be held responsible if you keep reading and ruin it for yourself. Right. So. Let's go character by character: Talyn - love her character growth from book one. I found her a little too much in her own head last book, to stuck in the past and it started to g…

  • Review - A Tale of Stars and Shadow (A Tale of Stars and Shadow, #1) by Lisa Cassidy | Spoiler-free

    **Review also on Goodreads** So the reason I didn't give this 5 stars was that the pace for me was a bit slower than what I generally like - I'm not really one for the slow burn but otherwise this book was fabulous! The protagonist, Talyn, is a broken warrior/princess (although, she's a badass, slit-your-throat-with-her-sai type princess) who is sent on a vague and mysterious mission to train up a protection detail for the youngest prince of a neighbouring country. Also, there is a shadowy Robin…


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