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    Review - The Crowning by Nattie Kate Mason | Spoiler-free


    Hmm, not sure how to go about this one. Let's go good points/bad points, shall we?

    First of all, good points...

    The world building was good, as was the magic system. The idea that magic has a price was what brought the tension, and I liked that people had different types of magical skills. 

    I liked the idea of the potential heirs competing for the crown rather than the usual first-born, first-in-line, and I was looking forward to how that played out. 

    Not-so-great points...

    The narrative felt rushed and there was a lot of telling rather than showing. The internal monologues of the characters were very 'this is what I'm feeling' and it left little to the reader's imagination. 

    The writing style reminded me a lot of Enid Blyton and her style that she uses for her younger audience - it was very abrupt at times to the point of just straight-up being blunt, and instead using descriptive language that immersed the reader, it felt rather clinical, like an info-dump. 

    I honestly wanted to be drawn into this world, but I found that the writing style really stopped me from doing that and at times I became disinterested. I'm hoping book 2 amps it up a bit for me.


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