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  • New Distributor, New Cover

    Hey all!

    I have recently changed distributors for The Order of the Rose (the standard version, not the illustrated version) and I am now distributing through Ingram, which will make it easier for bookstores to order my books! So if you don't want to order online but would like to go through an actual bookstore, most bookstores will now be able to order it in for you.

    Not only have I changed distributors but I have a new cover! Check it out - order now through Amazon or via your local bookstore!



  • Available on Wattpad!

    So in anticipation of the second book in my Rose Chronicles series coming out this year, I've decided to make the first book in the series, The Order of the Rose, available to read FOR FREE on Wattpad!

    This will be for a limited time only so get over there as soon as possible and get reading! 

    Click HERE to read and click HERE to add it to your goodreads 'to read' list!

  • Off to the Editor

    Just a quick update: Book #2 (The Dragon's Heart) is at the editors! My lovely editor Lyss is working hard on my manuscript and we're so excited to get this done!


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